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67-2329.  Agreement filed with secretary of state — Constitutionality — Enforceable in courts — Reciprocity. Prior to its becoming binding, any agreement made pursuant to this act between two (2) or more states or between two (2) or more public agencies of two (2) or more states shall be filed with the secretary of state, who shall require an opinion of the attorney general that such agreement does not violate the provisions of the Constitution of the United States, or the Idaho Constitution and statutes. Such opinion shall be rendered within thirty (30) days from the date of request by the secretary of state and submitted to the secretary and interested parties. Failure to render such opinion within such time shall be considered as approval by the attorney general. Upon receiving an opinion that the agreement is constitutional the secretary shall notify the agreeing parties and the agreement shall be in full force and effect from the date of such notice, provided, that such agreement shall not be enforced by the courts of this state unless the state of Idaho or public agency thereof is provided due process for enforcement in the courts of the United States or a sister state. In the event of action on any such agreement, any state or public agency joined in such action not a real party in interest, may seek damages incurred by it because of such joinder against any proper party to the action.

[67-2329, added 1970, ch. 38, sec. 4, p. 82.]

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