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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-2605.  ADMINISTRATOR TO PERFORM SAFETY INSPECTIONS and issue SAFETY ORDERS. (1) The administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses shall have the authority to perform safety inspections and safety training programs for logging operations in Idaho.
(2)  When an inspection reveals evidence of a condition that poses an immediate threat of serious bodily harm or loss of life to any person, the administrator, and while on public highways the directors of the Idaho state police and the Idaho transportation department, may issue a safety order to immediately stop the work, close the facility or site, or detain the vehicle where the threat exists. The safety order shall not be rescinded until after the threat has been corrected or removed.
(3)  A safety order provided for in this section may be enforced by the attorney general in a civil action brought in the district court for the county wherein the hazardous work site or facility is located or the vehicle is detained.
(4)  Any person who knowingly fails or refuses to comply with a safety order shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(5)  The administrator shall promulgate rules adopting minimum logging safety standards and procedures for conducting inspections and safety training.
(6)  The directors of the Idaho state police and the Idaho transportation department shall have authority on public highways to stop and inspect vehicles and enforce rules promulgated by the administrator pursuant to this section.
(7)  In addition to safety inspections of state-owned public buildings conducted under chapter 23, title 67, Idaho Code, the administrator may conduct safety inspections of buildings owned or maintained by political subdivisions of the state upon receipt of a written request from the governing body of that political subdivision, subject to the availability of division resources and the requesting entity’s agreement to pay the division’s current fees for such an inspection.
(a)  The findings of such safety inspection shall be reported to the governing body of the political subdivision.
(b)  The administrator may promulgate rules adopting minimum safety standards and procedures for conducting such safety inspections, as well as fees for performing the same.
(c)  For purposes of this section, "political subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district of the state of Idaho other than public school districts.

[67-2605, added 2021, ch. 224, sec. 11, p. 664.]

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