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67-3507.  Executive budget. The executive budget document shall consist of the following four (4) parts:
(1)  Part I of the executive budget document shall consist of a budget message by the governor that shall outline the financial plan of the executive department of the state government for the next fiscal year, describing the important features of the financial plan.
(2)  Part II of the budget document shall present in detail for the next fiscal year, as minimum information to be included in Part II, items showing estimates of agency needs based on the governor’s recommendations to meet the expenditure needs of the state from all available funds classified by agencies and showing the cost of each major program. Part II shall also set forth the governor’s recommendations for the capital program. All moneys, including federal and local moneys and interagency receipts received for any purpose, shall be accounted for in the budget.
(3)  Part III of the budget document shall consist of the annual performance plans required in section 67-1904, Idaho Code.
(4)  Part IV of the budget document shall consist of the federal funding reports required under section 67-1917, Idaho Code, and the disclosures required under section 67-3502(1)(e), Idaho Code.

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