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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-3511.  Transfer of legislative appropriations. (1) No appropriations made by the Idaho legislature may be transferred from one account category to another except with the consent of the state board of examiners upon application duly made by the head of any department, office or institution of the state (including the elected officers in the executive department and the state board of education). No appropriation made for expenses other than personnel costs shall be expended for personnel costs of the particular department, office or institution for which it is appropriated, provided however, that employee suggestion awards made pursuant to sections 59-1603 and 67-5309D, Idaho Code, may be made from the account category in which the savings were realized.
(2)  Legislative appropriations may be transferred from one program to another within an agency upon application duly made by the head of any department, office or institution of the state and approval of the application by the administrator of the division of financial management and the board of examiners, provided the requested transfer is not more than ten percent (10%) cumulative change from the appropriated amount for any program affected by the transfer. Requests for transfers above ten percent (10%) cumulative change must, in addition, be approved by legislative appropriation. Legislative appropriations shall not be transferred from one fund to another fund unless expressly approved by the legislature.
(3)  All moneys appropriated to any agency of the state of Idaho for the purpose of capital outlay shall be used for that purpose and not for any other purpose.
(4)  The joint finance-appropriations committee may limit the amount of legislative appropriations for personnel costs that can be transferred to other account categories.

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