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67-3608.  Moneys received by state educational institutions deposited with state treasurer — Exceptions. Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, all sums of money received by any state educational institution, which belong to the state of Idaho, or received by any agent, employee or representative thereof, for services, fees or net deposits, or for any other purposes whatever, except income pledges under chapter 37, title 33, Idaho Code, and excepting income pledges under any other law or laws of the state of Idaho now in force or hereafter enacted and in force, and excepting moneys received from the United States pursuant to appropriations made by it for the maintenance, use and support of any of the educational institutions referred to herein, or for cooperative work with the United States, or for payments in reimbursement of money expended in such cooperative work, shall be immediately paid by the person receiving the same to the bursar of such educational institution, who shall deposit the same with the state treasurer at the time and in the manner required by law. Trust moneys shall not be construed to be moneys belonging to the state of Idaho. It is hereby made the duty of the state controller and state treasurer to enter the deposits so received in the general fund of the state of Idaho, and the state controller shall add the deposits so received to the appropriation currently available to the said institution; and all such sums of money so received and added are hereby appropriated from the general fund of the state of Idaho for the maintenance, use and support of such institution, and the moneys shall be expended for the use and support of such institution and shall be audited and accounted for as other appropriations to the said institution.

[67-3608, added 1945, ch. 48, sec. 8, p. 61; am. 1994, ch. 180, sec. 213, p. 553.]

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