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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-4126.  Powers and duties of board. The board of trustees of the society shall have powers and duties as follows:
1.  To appoint a director of the society as provided herein and advise him in the performance of his duties and formulate general policies affecting the society.
2.  To encourage and promote interest in the history of Idaho and encourage membership in the society.
3.  To collect for preservation and display artifacts and information illustrative of Idaho history, culture and society.
4.  To print such publications and reports as may be deemed necessary.
5.  To encourage creation of county historical societies and museums in the counties of Idaho.
6.  To facilitate the use of Idaho records for official reference and historical research.
7.  To be responsible for records management services for state government. Records management services include the management, storage and retrieval of all state created records under retention. State created records shall mean any document, book, paper photograph, sound recording or other material, regardless of physical form or characteristic, made or received pursuant to law or in connection with the transaction of official state business. The board may charge reasonable amounts for records management services. The records managed pursuant to this subsection will not be subject to the exemption in public records law provided in section 74-101(15), Idaho Code.
8.  To accept from any state, county, or city, or any public official, any official books, records, documents, original papers, newspaper files, printed books, or portraits, not in current use. When such documents are so accepted, copies therefrom shall be made and certified under the seal of the society upon application of any person, which person shall pay for such copies reasonable fees established by the society.
9.  To require that any state, county, or city, or any public official, deposit official books, records, documents, or original papers, not in current use, which are of definite historical importance, in the society for preservation and to provide methods whereby such materials, which have no significance, may be destroyed.
10.  To establish such rules as may be necessary to discharge the duties of the society.
11. To employ such personnel as may be necessary for the administration of its duties in accordance with the rules of the administrator of the division of human resources promulgated pursuant to chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
12. To have and use an official seal.
13. To delegate and provide subdelegation of any such authority.
14. To identify historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural sites, buildings, or districts, and to coordinate activities of local historic preservation commissions.
15. To serve as the geographic names board of the state of Idaho.

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