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67-4703.  Powers and duties. The department of commerce shall have the power and it shall be its duty to engage in advertising the state of Idaho, its resources, both developed and undeveloped, its tourist resources and attractions, its agricultural, mining, lumbering and manufacturing resources, its health conditions and advantages, its scenic beauty and its other attractions and advantages; and in general either directly, indirectly or by contract do anything and take any action which will promote and advertise the resources and products of the state of Idaho, develop its resources and industries, promote tourist travel to and within the state of Idaho, and further the welfare and prosperity of its citizens.
The department shall also have the following duties when it deals with promoting economic development and tourism within the state:
(1)  Survey and investigate the social, economic and physical resources of the state, including land, water, minerals, facilities for power, transportation, communications, recreation, health, education and other resources and facilities; endeavor to aid the legislature and the citizens of the state of Idaho in formulating a program for the development and utilization of these resources and facilities, and for balancing our agricultural, timber and mining economy with industrial capacity. It shall cooperate with local and regional agencies within the state. It shall cooperate with like agencies of other states, with agencies maintained by private persons or corporations, and with agencies established or employed by the United States to promote the development of the country and the welfare of its people.
(2)  To develop and promote a comprehensive international marketing plan for Idaho’s products.
(3)  To collect and compile reliable data for general dissemination which will tend to the development of the state of Idaho by inducing people and capital to come within our borders.
(4)  Keep accurate records and preserve all data collected by it, and from time to time prepare and submit to the governor and the legislature, reports, programs, recommendations and plans for the comprehensive, long-range development, conservation and use of all the resources of the state of Idaho. It shall make such special investigations as to resources, facilities, and other matters as may be required by the governor or the legislature.
(5)  Coordinate those activities of local, state, federal and private agencies and departments when they deal with the promotion of Idaho’s economic resources.
(6)  To require and receive from the various executive departments and public officials of the state of Idaho such information as may be required by the division to enable it to fulfill its functions and carry out the purposes of this act.
(7)  Administer and perform any other related functions or activities assigned by the governor or the legislature.
(8)  Enter into interagency agreements with other state agencies in developing economic and community plans and programs.
(9)  Provide technical assistance to other state agencies upon request.
(10) Contract with universities, consultants and other public and private agencies to develop plans and programs.
(11) Prepare a comprehensive economic development strategy.
(12) Petition for and receive moneys such as grants or gifts, to be used for state or local planning and economic development activities.

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