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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-4906.  Notice of hearing on petition — Jurisdiction. Immediately after the filing of such petition, the court wherein such petition is filed or a judge thereof in vacation, shall by order fix a place and time, not less than twenty (20) days nor more than forty (40) days after the petition is filed, for hearing thereon and thereupon the clerk of said court shall cause notice by publication to be made of the pendency of the petition and of the time and place of hearing thereon; the clerk of said court shall also forthwith cause a copy of said notice to be mailed by U.S. registered mail to the board of county commissioners of each of the several counties and to the governing body of each municipality having territory within the proposed district.
The district court in and for the county in which the petition for the organization of district has been filed, shall thereafter for all purposes of this act, except as hereinafter otherwise provided, maintain and have original and exclusive jurisdiction, coextensive with the boundaries of the district, and of the real property proposed to be included in said district or affected by said district without regard to the usual limits of its jurisdiction.
No judge of such court wherein such petition is filed shall be disqualified to perform any duty imposed by this act by reason of ownership of property within any proposed district.

[67-4906, added 1959, ch. 137, sec. 6, p. 299.]

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