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67-5314.  Method of financing. (1) There is hereby created in the state treasury the division of human resources fund. All participating departments are hereby authorized and directed to pay out of their funds to the state treasurer their respective shares of the authorized budget of the division. All moneys placed in said fund are hereby perpetually appropriated to the division for the administrative purposes of this chapter. All expenditures from said fund shall be paid out in warrants drawn by the state controller upon presentation of proper vouchers from the administrator.
(2)  The division shall allocate costs of its operation to each participating department in the same proportion that the amount of the payroll for classified employees of the department bears to the total amount of the payroll for classified employees of all departments combined and averaged as to the basis for allocation of costs.
(3)  Each participating department shall deposit to said fund on a pay period basis as prescribed by the state controller, an amount equal to its share of costs of operation of the human resources division according to the cost allocation formula set forth above. Departmental deposits for each succeeding fiscal year shall be at a percentage rate of salaries and wages for positions subject to this chapter, computed to be sufficient to carry out the intent and all provisions of this chapter as directed by the legislature.
(4)  The division of human resources may negotiate fees with participating departments with only nonclassified employees to provide services to support state employment systems.

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