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67-5407.  Duties. The commission shall:
(a)  Assist blind persons in achieving physical and psychological orientation, inform blind persons of available services, stimulate and assist the blind in achieving social and economic independence, and do all things which will ameliorate the condition of the blind.
(b)  Provide intensive programs of case finding, education, vocational and other rehabilitation training, job findings and placement, physical restoration, and such other services and equipment as may assist in rendering blind persons more self-supporting and socially independent.
(c)  Provide a business enterprise program including management, supervision and development services.
(d)  Provide a program for the prevention of blindness and sight restoration as designed in this act. The commission shall pay for all necessary expenses incurred in connection with the diagnosis, treatment or surgery to prevent blindness or restore vision. Necessary expenses include the cost of getting service, the cost of services, medical and physician fees, hospital services, nursing services, maintenance while the applicant or recipient is away from the home, transportation to the physician or hospital and return to his home, and the cost of nursing home care when such care is necessary. These services will be provided to individuals without financial resources to procure such services for themselves.
(e)  Establish rules in accordance with the provisions of the administrative procedure act.
(f)  On or before December first in 1968, and each year thereafter, render a report to the legislature and to the governor of its activities, including recommendations for improvements therein.
(g)  Enter into contracts and agreements with the federal government through its appropriate agency or instrumentality whereby the commission shall receive federal grants or other benefits for the prevention of blindness or for services to the blind, including medical eye care, instruction in the home, social adjustment and vocational and other rehabilitations, and shall act as the official state agency to collaborate with the federal government in the administration of any present or subsequent programs that may be set up for the purposes of providing services to or rehabilitating the blind.

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