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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-5746.  Inventory of chattels — Contents — Duties of officers and employees — Recording — Annual revision — Open to inspection. All agency directors shall develop and maintain an inventory system, meeting minimum requirements as set forth by the department of administration, for all personal property which the agency owns or is responsible for whether under terms of any contract, grant, or otherwise.
To maintain uniformity among the various agency property inventory systems, the department of administration shall develop and distribute to each agency minimum requirements for each inventory system. Each agency shall feel free to add additional functions beyond those minimums to meet their requirements. The inventory shall be recorded in a permanent record to be kept for that purpose, showing as a minimum a description of the property, where located, acquisition cost or estimated fair market value, and date of acquisition, its estimated current replacement cost, and the account or unit within the responsible agency. Each agency may add additional functions beyond these minimums to meet their agency requirements.
Each state agency director shall be accountable for the maintenance, security, and efficient economic use, as well as the verification of physical location and condition of all personal property belonging to that agency.
The agency director shall be responsible for conducting an annual inventory of all personal property by no later than the first day of March of each fiscal year. Further, each agency director shall make a written report to the director of the department of administration that the inventory has been completed by the end of the first week of March of each year on a form developed by and under such guidelines as are issued by the department of administration.
The department of administration shall provide all agencies with an inflation factor for property in early January of each year to assist agency directors in discharging the responsibility set forth herein.
Each agency director may appoint a property control officer who shall be responsible for conducting the annual inventory of agency property. The property control officer shall also be responsible for ensuring the prompt recording of newly acquired property and the economical disposition of surplus property in a timely manner. The property control officer shall periodically review the values of property for reasonableness.
The agency director shall have the authority to dispose of surplus property in accordance with the provisions of section 67-5732A, Idaho Code.

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