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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-6515A.  Transfer of development rights. (1) Any city or county governing body may, by ordinance and following notice and hearing procedures provided for under section 67-6509, Idaho Code, create development rights and establish procedures authorizing landowners to voluntarily transfer said development rights subject to:
(a)  Such conditions as the governing body shall determine to fulfill the goals of the city or county to preserve open space, protect wildlife habitat and critical areas, enhance and maintain the rural character of lands with contiguity to agricultural lands suitable for long-range farming and ranching operations and avoid creation of aviation hazards as defined in section 21-501(2), Idaho Code; and
(b)  Voluntary acceptance by the landowner of the development rights and any land use restrictions conditional to such acceptance.
(2)  Before designating sending areas and receiving areas, a city or county shall conduct an analysis of the market in an attempt to assure that areas designated as receiving areas will have the capacity to accommodate the number of development rights expected to be generated from the sending areas.
(3)  Ordinances providing for a transfer of development rights shall not require a property owner in a sending area to sell development rights. Once a transfer of development rights has been exercised it shall constitute a restriction on the development of the property in perpetuity, unless the city or county elects to extinguish such restriction pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
(4)  A city or county may not condition an application for a permit to which an applicant is otherwise entitled under existing zoning and subdivision ordinances on the acquisition of development rights. A city or county may not condition an application for a zoning district boundary change which is consistent with the comprehensive plan on the acquisition of development rights. A city or county may not reduce the density of an existing zone and thereafter require an applicant to acquire development rights as a condition of approving a request for a zoning district boundary change which would permit greater density.
(5)  It shall be at the discretion of the persons selling and buying a transferable development right to determine whether a right will be transferred permanently without being exercised in a designated receiving area or whether a right will have requirements to be exercised within a designated receiving area within a set time period. If the development right is not used before the end of the time period provided by written contract and any extension thereof, the development right will revert to the owner of the property from which it was transferred.
(6)  No transfer of a development right, as contemplated herein, shall affect the validity or continued right to use any water right that is appurtenant to the real property from which such development right is transferred. The transfer of a water right shall remain subject to the provisions of title 42, Idaho Code.
(7)  (a) Ordinances providing for the transfer of development rights shall prescribe procedures for the issuance and recording of the instruments necessary to sever development rights from the sending property and to affix the development rights to the receiving property. These instruments shall specifically describe the property, shall be executed by all lienholders and other parties with an interest of record in any of the affected property, and shall be recorded with the county recorder. Transfers of development rights without such written and recorded consent shall be void.
(b)  A development right which is transferred shall be deemed to be an interest in real property and the rights evidenced thereby shall inure to the benefit of the transferee, his heirs, successors and assigns. An unexercised development right shall not be taxed as real or personal property.
(8)  For the purposes of this section:
(a)  "Development rights" shall mean the rights permitted to a lot, parcel or area of land under a zoning or other ordinance respecting permissible use, area, density, bulk or height of improvements. Development rights may be calculated and allocated in accordance with such factors as area, floor area, floor area ratios, density, height limitations, or any other criteria that will effectively quantify a value for the development right in a reasonable and uniform manner that will carry out the objectives of this section.
(b)  "Receiving area" shall mean one (1) or more designated areas of land to which development rights generated from one (1) or more sending areas may be transferred and in which increased development is permitted to occur by reason of such transfer.
(c)  "Sending area" shall mean one (1) or more designated areas of land in which development rights may be designated for use in one (1) or more receiving areas.
(d)  "Transfer of development rights" shall mean the process by which development rights are transferred from one (1) lot, parcel or area of land in any sending area to another lot, parcel or area of land in one (1) or more receiving areas.

[67-6515A, added 1999, ch. 363, sec. 1, p. 959; am. 2003, ch. 224, sec. 1, p. 576; am. 2014, ch. 93, sec. 7, p. 259.]

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