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67-6537.  Use of surface and ground water. (1) The intent of this section is to encourage the use of surface water for irrigation. All applicants proposing to make land use changes shall be required to use surface water, where reasonably available, as the primary water source for irrigation. Surface water shall be deemed reasonably available if:
(a)  A surface water right is, or reasonably can be made, appurtenant to the land;
(b)  The land is entitled to distribution of surface water from an irrigation district, canal company, ditch users association, or other irrigation delivery entity, and the entity’s distribution system is capable of delivering the water to the land; or
(c)  An irrigation district, canal company, or other irrigation delivery entity has sufficient available surface water rights to apportion or allocate to the land and has a distribution system capable of delivering the water to the land.
(2)  Consistent with sections 42-108 and 42-222, Idaho Code, any change in the nature of use of surface water provided by an irrigation delivery entity must be authorized by the entity holding the water right(s) for the available surface water. Nothing in this section shall alter the authority and discretion of irrigation delivery entities to apportion, allocate and distribute surface water, or for municipalities, counties, or water and sewer districts to pass ordinances or regulations to promote the use of surface water for irrigation.
(3)  Nothing in this section shall be construed to override or amend any provision of title 42 or 43, Idaho Code, or impair any rights acquired thereunder.
(4)  When considering amending, repealing or adopting a comprehensive plan, the local governing board shall consider the effect the proposed amendment, repeal or adoption of the comprehensive plan would have on the source, quantity and quality of ground water in the area.

[67-6537, added 1989, ch. 421, sec. 3, p. 1033; am. 2005, ch. 338, sec. 1, p. 1056.]

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