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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-7007.  Certification label — Contents. The certification label shall contain the following information in letters no less than one-eighth (1/8) inch in height and the information letters shall contrast with the basic color of the label and identify:
(1)  The name and address (city and state) of the manufacturer. If the vessel is manufactured outside the United States, the importer shall be considered the statutory manufacturer, and his name and U.S. address shall appear on the label; or, if the vessel is to be sold at retail by a private label merchandiser, then his name and address may appear on the label.
(2)  A statement that:
(a)  "This Boat (or Vessel) Complies With U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards in Effect on (month and year of certification)" or;
(b)  "This Boat (or Vessel) Complies With U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards in Effect on the Date of Certification" and;
(c)  If the vessel displays a stability warning label as required by federal law the certification label shall also show the words, "This Boat Complies With U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards, Except Load Capacity, in Effect on the Date of Certification" (or the actual date of such certification).
(3)  The display of the certification and the capacity information required by this chapter may be combined on one (1) label provided the two (2) information displays are separated by a prominent line or border and the capacity information is the most prominent by virtue of larger type face, bolder type face or contrasting color background.
(4)  The information relating to capacity required by this chapter shall be determined by any of the methods and formulas used, recommended or recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard or any agencies successor thereto.

[67-7007, added 1986, ch. 207, sec. 2, p. 518.]

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