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67-7008.  Certificate of number — Expiration — Fees. (1) Within fifteen (15) days after purchase, or as otherwise herein provided, the owner of each vessel requiring numbering by the state of Idaho shall file an application for certificate of number with an assessor or authorized vendor on forms provided by the department. The application shall be signed by the owner and shall be accompanied by the fee herein designated. Upon receipt of an application in approved form, and the appropriate fee, the assessor or authorized vendor shall enter the same upon the records of its office and issue to the applicant two (2) validation stickers and a certificate of number, the receipt of any fee paid and the name and address of the owner, and the assessor or authorized vendor shall forward to the department a duplicate copy. The owner shall also receive a vessel number that shall be permanently assigned to the boat. The owner shall paint on or permanently attach to each side of the bow of the vessel the vessel number and validation sticker in a manner as may be prescribed by rules of the department in order that they may be completely visible, and the number shall be maintained in legible condition. The certificate of number shall be pocket-size and shall be on board and available at all times for inspection on the vessel for which issued whenever that vessel is in operation, except that livery operators may have the rental agreement on board rented vessels in lieu of the certificate of number.
(2)  The owner of any vessel for which a current certificate of number has been issued pursuant to any federal law or a federally approved numbering system of another state shall, if the vessel is operated on the waters of this state in excess of sixty (60) days, make application for an Idaho certificate of number in the manner prescribed in this section.
(3)  Each assessor and authorized vendor shall record, on a form provided by the department, the names of all owners of vessels who make application for certificates of number, together with the amount of the fees paid by the owners. He shall, on or before the tenth of each month, forward to the department a duplicate copy of each record for the preceding month.
(4)  All records of the department made or kept pursuant to this section shall be kept current and shall be public records.
(5)  Every certificate of number issued shall continue in full force and effect through December 31 of the year of issue unless sooner terminated or discontinued in accordance with law. Certificates of number may be renewed by the owner in the same manner provided for in the initial securing of them.
(6)  The owner of any vessel shall notify the department within fifteen (15) days if his vessel is destroyed or abandoned, or is sold or transferred either wholly or in part to another person or persons or if the owner’s address no longer conforms to the address appearing on the certificate of number. In all such cases, the notice shall be accompanied by a surrender of the certificate of number. When the surrender of the certificate is by reason of the vessel being destroyed, abandoned or sold, the department shall cancel the certificate and enter that fact in its records. If the surrender is by reason of a change of address on the part of the owner, the new address shall be endorsed on the certificate and the certificate returned to the owner.
(7)  Whenever the ownership of a vessel changes, the purchaser shall, within fifteen (15) days after acquisition, make application to the department for transfer to him of the certificate of number issued for the vessel, giving his name, address, and the vessel number and shall, at the same time, pay to the department a transfer fee of three dollars ($3.00). Upon receipt of the application and fee, the department shall transfer the certificate of number issued for the vessel to the new owner or owners. Unless the application is made and the fee paid within fifteen (15) days, the vessel shall be considered to be without a certificate of number.
(8)  No numbers other than the validation stickers and vessel number issued to a vessel or granted by reciprocity pursuant to law shall be painted, attached, or otherwise displayed on either side of the bow of the vessel.
(9)  If any certificate of number becomes lost, mutilated, or becomes illegible, the owner of the vessel for which the same was issued shall obtain a duplicate of the certificate from the department upon application and the payment of a fee of three dollars ($3.00). If one or both validation stickers are lost, stolen, or destroyed, any sticker remnants and the certificate of number should be returned to the department along with a three dollar ($3.00) fee and an application for a duplicate certificate of number and validation stickers.
(10) A person engaged in the manufacture or sale of vessels of a type otherwise required to be numbered by law, may obtain pursuant to regulations duly promulgated by the department, certificates of number for use in the testing or demonstration only of a vessel upon payment of thirteen dollars ($13.00) for each certificate. Certificates of number so issued may be used by the applicant in the testing or demonstration only of vessels by temporary placement of the numbers assigned by the certificates on the vessel tested or demonstrated, and shall be issued and displayed as otherwise prescribed by this chapter or by regulation of the department.
(11) The fees shall be:

  Vessels 0-12 feet in length

  Vessels over 12 feet in length

plus $2.00 per foot for each additional foot
in excess of 12 feet.
(12) The provisions of subsection (11) of this section, with respect to the amount of payment of fees shall not apply to vessels owned by any charitable or religious organization, scout organization or any similar organization not used and operated for profit. All vessels currently numbered by the state of Idaho and having paid the fees imposed by subsection (11) of this section shall not be assessed and taxed as personal property in the state of Idaho.
(13) The fee for vessels owned by any charitable or religious organization, scout organization or similar organization not used and operated for profit shall be two dollars ($2.00) per year.

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