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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-7030.  Regattas, races, marine events, tournaments and exhibitions. (1) The sheriff in each county may authorize the holding of regattas, marine events, races, tournaments or exhibitions on any waters of this state located within the county. The department may adopt rules and regulations concerning the safety of vessels and persons.
(2)  Whenever a regatta, race, tournament, marine event or exhibition is proposed to be held, the person in charge shall, at least thirty (30) days prior thereto, file an application for permission to hold an event with the sheriff in the county of the proposed event, and a copy of the application shall be readily transmitted by the sheriff to the designated state boating safety coordinator.
(3)  The application shall set forth the date, time and location where the event is proposed to be held, together with the following information:
(a)  The name and address of the sponsoring organization.
(b)  The name, address and telephone number of the person or persons in charge of the event.
(c)  The nature and purpose of the event.
(d)  Information as to general public interest.
(e)  Estimated number and type of vessels participating in the event.
(f)  Estimated number and types of spectator vessels.
(g)  Number of vessels being furnished by sponsoring organizations to patrol the event.
(h)  A time schedule and description of events.
(i)  A section of a chart or scale drawing showing the boundaries of the event, various watercourses or areas to be used by the participants, officials and spectator vessels.
(4)  The provisions of this section shall not be exclusive with respect to waters of this state over which jurisdiction is shared with the United States and shall not exempt any person from compliance with applicable federal law or regulation.
(5)  Competitors in any race, regatta or trial or other marine event authorized by a sheriff shall be exempt from the provisions of law with regard to speed while on an authorized racing course and from provisions of this chapter concerning equipment, noise and numbering. These exemptions are exclusive and shall apply only while an operator of a vessel is engaged in an authorized race, regatta or trial.
(6)  It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct any regatta, marine event, race, tournament or exhibition on the waters of the state of Idaho unless he shall have had a marine event permit issued to him as provided by law.

[67-7030, added 1986, ch. 207, sec. 2, p. 528.]

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