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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-7104.  snowmobiles — Nonresident snowmobile user certificate required. The operator of a nonresident, noncommercial snowmobile shall be required to obtain a nonresident snowmobile user certificate in the same manner and for the same seasons as described in section 67-7103, Idaho Code, before operating a snowmobile in Idaho. A fee of fifty-nine dollars and fifty cents ($59.50) shall be imposed for the issuance of a nonresident snowmobile user certificate. The validation stickers shall be displayed in the same manner as provided in section 67-7103, Idaho Code. Issuance and administration of nonresident snowmobile user certificates shall be conducted in the same manner as provided in section 67-7103, Idaho Code, for numbering of snowmobiles.
(1)  For purposes of this section, "nonresident" shall be as defined in section 36-202, Idaho Code.
(2)  In the absence of a bona fide program in the area or upon the request of the bona fide county snowmobile advisory committee of the nearest affected county in Idaho, the requirements for the nonresident snowmobile user certificate may be waived by the park and recreation board on specific trails where the snowmobile trail grooming is solely supported by a state other than Idaho.

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