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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-7106.  snowmobiles — Distribution of moneys collected — County snowmobile fund — State snowmobile fund — department of lands allocation — State snowmobile search and rescue fund — STATE SNOWMOBILE AVALANCHE FUND. (1) Each vendor shall, not later than the fifteenth day of each month, remit all moneys collected under the provisions of sections 67-7103 and 67-7104, Idaho Code, to the state treasurer for credit to the state snowmobile fund, established in the dedicated fund, to be administered by the director, except that the amounts designated in this subsection from each snowmobile certificate of number fee, each rental certificate of number fee, and each nonresident snowmobile user certificate issued by the vendor shall be credited by the state treasurer to each of the following funds or entities:
(a)  Two dollars ($2.00) to the state snowmobile search and rescue fund created in section 67-2913A, Idaho Code;
(b)  One dollar ($1.00) to the state snowmobile avalanche fund created in section 67-7107A, Idaho Code; and
(c)  One dollar ($1.00) to the Idaho department of lands to provide snowmobile opportunities and to repair damage directly related to snowmobile use, provided that the Idaho department of lands shall annually publish a report specifically identifying the uses of moneys allocated pursuant to this subsection.
(2)  Each county with a bona fide snowmobile program shall be entitled to receive from the department eighty-five percent (85%) of the moneys generated for that county during that certificate of number period. Counties with a bona fide snowmobile program may use up to fifteen percent (15%) of their county snowmobile moneys upon recommendation by their county snowmobile advisory committee for snowmobile law enforcement purposes.
(3)  Up to fifteen percent (15%) of the revenue generated from snowmobile certificates of number each year may be used by the department to defray administrative costs. Any moneys unused at the end of the fiscal year shall be returned to the state treasurer for deposit in the state snowmobile fund.
(4)  Vendors shall be entitled to retain a handling fee of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per certificate of number or nonresident user certificate. Handling fees collected by the department shall be deposited to the state snowmobile fund.
(5)  For those certificates of number not designated to a bona fide county snowmobile program, the moneys generated shall be deposited to the state snowmobile fund, and such fund shall be available to the department for snowmobile-related expenses.

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