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67-7717.  Manufacturing and distributing requirements. (1) No electronic bingo device shall be able to monitor more than fifty-four (54) bingo faces per game. The licensed manufacturer or distributor must restrict the device to store no more than fifty-four (54) faces per bingo game in its electronic database. After July 1, 2005, the maximum amount of electronic bingo cards played per game may be set by rule of the commission.
(2)  Each electronic bingo device that requires a site system to download electronic bingo cards to the device, shall have a unique and permanent identification number hardcoded into the device’s software. The identification number shall be communicated from the device to the site system whenever the device is connected to the site system, and printed on all transaction logs including the player’s receipt. Manual input of a device identification number into the site system or on any transaction log or receipt is prohibited.
(3)  Each electronic bingo device shall be programmed to automatically erase all electronic bingo cards and/or bingo card face numbers stored in the device: (a) upon turning off the device after the last bingo game of the session has been played, or (b) by some secondary timing method established by the manufacturer and approved by the commission.
(4)  No electronic bingo device shall be designed to allow bingo players the ability to design their own bingo cards by choosing, rearranging or placing numbers on a card.
(5)  A site system shall not be able to engage in any type of sale, void or reload transaction unless an electronic bingo device is connected to and communicating with the site system.
(6)  A site system shall be restricted to load no more than fifty-four (54) electronic bingo faces per bingo game into any one (1) electronic bingo device, and the site system must be interfaced with a printer which is capable of printing upon request, a continuous hard copy transaction log and a printout for the player showing the device identification number, and all of the bingo cards and their face numbers loaded into the device. A receipting function for electronic bingo cards must be self-contained within the site system and must record and print out on a copy which is given to the player, the device identification number, the date, number of electronic bingo cards purchased or loaded, and the total amount charged for the electronic bingo cards.
(7)  A site system shall be able to provide the winning game patterns required for the entire bingo session on a hardcopy printout. The printout must be available upon demand at the bingo session.
(8)  If the commission detects or discovers any malfunction or problem with an electronic bingo device or site system that could affect the security or integrity of the bingo game, the electronic bingo devices, or the site system, the commission may direct the manufacturer, distributor or licensed organization to cease providing or using the electronic bingo devices or site system, as applicable. The commission may require the manufacturer to correct the problem or recall the devices or system immediately upon notification by the commission to the manufacturer. Failure to take the corrective action requested may result in confiscation or seizure of the devices and/or site system.
(9)  If a manufacturer, distributor or licensed organization detects or discovers any malfunction or problem with the electronic bingo devices or site system which could affect the security or integrity of the bingo game, bingo card monitoring devices, or site system, the manufacturer, distributor or licensed organization, as applicable, shall discontinue use of the devices or site system and notify the commission by telephone by the next working day of such action and the nature of the problem detected. The commission may request further explanation in writing if deemed necessary.

[67-7717, added 2005, ch. 259, sec. 4, p. 799.]

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