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67-7719.  Licensed organizations — Use of electronic bingo devices. (1) A licensed organization shall purchase, rent, lease or otherwise obtain electronic bingo devices and site system software only from an Idaho licensed distributor. A licensed organization may obtain terminals and/or printers to be used in conjunction with site system software obtained from a licensed distributor, from any source.
(2)  The use of a player-owned electronic bingo device at a bingo session is prohibited.
(3)  Electronic bingo devices shall be rented, leased or otherwise provided to bingo players only by the licensed organization conducting the bingo session, and only at the time and place of the bingo session. A bingo player using an electronic bingo device must be physically present on the premises, during the time of the bingo session, in order to be eligible to play bingo or win any bingo prize.
(4)  Regardless of the number of electronic bingo devices made available for play, at least one (1) device shall be reserved by the licensed organization as a backup device, in the event a device in play malfunctions.
(5)  Electronic bingo devices shall be made available to players on a first-come, first-served basis. No device may be reserved for any player, except a device may be reserved for any player with a disability that would restrict his or her ability to mark cards and such disability is consistent with definitions set forth in the Americans with disabilities act.
(6)  No bingo player shall be allowed to utilize more than one (1) bingo card monitoring device at any time during a bingo occasion.
(7)  An electronic bingo device cannot be used to monitor hard bingo cards or shutter cards.
(8)  A licensed organization shall not permit a bingo player to choose or reject individual electronic bingo cards loaded into an electronic bingo device.
(9)  At the licensed organization’s discretion, a bingo player may, in addition to the maximum fifty-four (54) bingo cards per game which he or she purchases to monitor with an electronic bingo device, purchase additional disposable paper bingo cards to play using a manual daubing or marking method.
(10) An electronic bingo device shall be downloaded with electronic bingo cards by the licensed organization:
(a)  Only upon payment by the player;
(b)  Only on the premises of the licensed organization’s bingo session; and
(c)  Only during the time of the bingo session.
(11) A licensed organization may, at its discretion, charge a separate fee to players for the use of an electronic bingo device. The fee charged must be separately stated on the cash register and bingo player’s receipt and shall be included in the bingo cash receipts.
(12) The sale of all bingo cards used in conjunction with an electronic bingo device must be receipted by either cash register or site system. Additional disposable paper bingo card sales must be separately receipted and, in addition, the cash register and player’s receipt must identify and show the sale of disposable paper bingo cards separately from that of electronic bingo cards.

[67-7719, added 2005, ch. 259, sec. 6, p. 802.]

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