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67-826.  IDAHO ROADLESS RULE IMPLEMENTATION COMMISSION. (1) There is hereby established in the office of the governor an Idaho roadless rule implementation commission, hereinafter referred to as the "commission."
(2)  The commission, in conjunction with the United States forest service, shall coordinate, advise, and propose projects, plans, and policies occurring within or affecting "Idaho roadless areas," as defined in 36 CFR 294.21.
(3)  The commission shall, as a part of its role of reviewing and proposing projects, plans, and policies for Idaho roadless areas, coordinate and advise on activities related to shared stewardship, good neighbor authority, forest health, and the protection of communities at risk from wildfire within and adjacent to Idaho roadless areas.
(4)  The commission shall coordinate and develop policies related to the United States forest service’s implementation and interpretation of the Idaho roadless rule as codified in 36 CFR 294, subpart C.
(5)  The commission shall, as necessary, enter into memoranda of understanding or other agreements with the United States forest service to cooperate on activities subject to the Idaho roadless rule as provided in 36 CFR 294, subpart C.
(6)  The commission shall be supported by the governor’s office of species conservation. Support for the commission shall include but is not limited to working with the United States forest service staff to propose and support projects within and adjacent to Idaho roadless areas, coordinate commission meetings, and other tasks as assigned by the commission or the governor.
(7)  The members of the commission shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor. The commission shall be composed of nine (9) to twelve (12) members. Three (3) members shall serve initial terms of four (4) years, three (3) members shall serve initial terms of three (3) years, and three (3) members shall serve initial terms of two (2) years. In the event that more than nine (9) members are appointed, such additional members shall serve initial terms of five (5) years. Following initial terms, members shall serve four (4) year terms. Members may be appointed from the following three (3) categories:
(a)  Individuals who:
(i)   Represent developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users or commercial recreation activities;
(ii)  Represent energy or mineral development interests;
(iii) Represent the commercial timber industry; or
(iv)  Hold a federal grazing lease or other federal land use lease.
(b)   Individuals who:
(i)   Represent an environmental organization;
(ii)  Represent dispersed recreation activities;
(iii) Represent archaeological and historical interests; or
(iv)  Represent a nationally or regionally recognized wildlife or sportsmen’s interest group.
(c)  Individuals who:
(i)   Participated in the development of the Idaho roadless rule or were members of the roadless area conservation national advisory committee;
(ii)  Hold state, county, or local elected office;
(iii) Represent an American Indian tribe within the state of Idaho; or
(iv)  Represent the public at large.
(8)  There shall be a chairman and a vice chairman of the commission elected by a majority of the members of the commission. A majority of the commissioners shall constitute a quorum.
(9)  The commission meetings shall, if determined warranted, be held semiannually or at other times upon the call of the chairman or a majority of the commission.
(10)  The commission shall prepare and submit an annual report, on or before January 15 of each year, to the senate resources and environment committee and the house resources and conservation committee reflecting the actions of the commission pursuant to the provisions of this section and setting forth the membership of the commission.

[67-826, added 2018, ch. 27, sec. 1, p. 51; am. 2020, ch. 222, sec. 1, p. 654.]

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