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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-832.  IDAHO TECHNOLOGY AUTHORITY — COMPOSITION — APPOINTMENT AND TERM OF OFFICE — REIMBURSEMENT — CONTRACTING FOR NECESSARY SERVICES. (1) An Idaho technology authority is hereby created within the office of information technology services. The authority shall consist of up to eighteen (18) members. The governor shall appoint up to two (2) members of the authority that shall include an information technology executive from private industry and an employee of state government. The remaining membership of the authority shall be comprised of the following: one (1) legislator appointed by the president pro tempore of the senate and one (1) legislator appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives to include one (1) legislator from each of the two (2) largest parties; one (1) person appointed by the chief justice of the supreme court to represent the judicial branch of state government; the state controller; the director of the department of administration; the director of the department of health and welfare; the director of the department of labor; the director of the transportation department; the director of the Idaho state police; the director of the department of correction; the chair of the Idaho geospatial council executive committee; the director of the legislative services office; the administrator of the office of information technology services; the administrator of the division of financial management in the office of the governor; the executive director of the state board of education; and the adjutant general of the military division in the office of the governor. The governor shall designate a member of the authority to act as chair and all appointed members of the authority shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority. An agency director may delegate responsibility to serve as a member of the authority to another senior management executive within the agency with authority for general agency operations whose responsibilities may include, but not be limited to, information technology operations.
(2)  The authority shall hold no fewer than two (2) regular meetings annually at such time and place as may be directed by its chair. The authority may meet more frequently at the call of the chair or if requested by a majority of the authority’s members. Members of the authority shall serve with no salary or benefits, but are entitled to reimbursement as provided in section 59-509(b), Idaho Code.
(3)  The authority may contract for professional services or assistance when necessary or desirable to carry out its powers and duties.

[67-832, added 2018, ch. 258, sec. 7, p. 612.]

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