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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-9230.  prohibitions. (1) No contract or any interest therein shall be transferred by the contractor to whom such contract is given to any other party without approval in writing by the administrator and by the board of examiners pursuant to section 67-1027, Idaho Code. Transfer of a contract without approval shall cause the annulment of the contract so transferred, at the option of the state. All rights of action, however, for any breach of such contract by the contracting parties are reserved to the state.
(2)  No member of the legislature or any officer or employee of any branch of the state government shall directly, himself, or by any other person in trust for him or for his use or benefit or on his account, undertake, execute, hold or enjoy, in whole or in part, any contract made or entered into by or on behalf of the state of Idaho, if made by, through, or on behalf of the department in which he is an officer or employee; or if made by, through or on behalf of any other department unless the same is made after competitive bids.
(3)  Except as provided in this chapter, no officer or employee shall influence or attempt to influence the award of a contract to a particular vendor, or to deprive or attempt to deprive any vendor of a contract.
(4)  No officer or employee shall conspire with a vendor or its agent, and no vendor or its agent shall conspire with an officer or employee, to influence or attempt to influence the award of a contract, or to deprive or attempt to deprive a vendor of a contract.
(5)  No officer or employee shall fail to use an open contract except as provided in this chapter.
(6)  No officer or employee shall accept property knowing that the property does not meet specifications or other acceptance criteria set forth in the contract.
(7)  Deprivation, influence or attempts thereat shall not include written reports, based upon substantial evidence, sent to the administrator concerning matters relating to the responsibility of vendors.
(8)  No vendor or related party, or subsidiary, or affiliate of a vendor, may submit a bid to obtain a contract to provide property to the state, if the vendor or related party, or affiliate or subsidiary was paid for services used in preparing the specifications or if the services influenced the procurement process.

[67-9230, added 2016, ch. 289, sec. 4, p. 801.]

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