Idaho Statutes

7-1405.  Commencement of judicial proceeding for suspension of license. (1) A petition for suspension of a license may be commenced in the magistrate division of the district court of the county where the child support order or order for visitation was issued; and no filing fees shall be charged for seeking only the relief provided under this chapter. The petition shall allege:
(a)  The name and, if known, social security number of the licensee;
(b)  The type or types of license or licenses the licensee is believed to hold and the name of each licensing authority;
(c)  The amount owed under a child support order, the amount of support paid and the amount of the delinquency, the failure to comply with a subpoena in a paternity or child support proceeding, or the manner in which a licensee has failed to comply with an order for visitation; and
(d)  The last known address of the licensee.
(2)  A petition to suspend a license for a child support delinquency shall include a certified copy of the record of child support payments maintained by the department or local child support registry.
(3)  A copy of the filed petition shall be delivered to the licensee by personal service according to the Idaho rules of civil procedure.

[7-1405, added 1996, ch. 429, sec. 1, p. 1459; am. 1997, ch. 317, sec. 1, p. 938; am. 1998, ch. 250, sec. 3, p. 816.]

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