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71-241.  Petroleum products — How sold — Measurement. (1) All petroleum products shall be sold by liquid measure or by net weight in accordance with the provisions of section 71-232, Idaho Code, and in accordance with regulations to be made by the director.
(2)  Sellers of motor fuel within this state shall offer to prospective purchasers the option to buy the product either by gross gallons or on the assumption that the temperature of the product is sixty degrees (60°) fahrenheit or the centigrade equivalent. This purchaser option may be exercised only on an annual basis and applied only to single deliveries of eight thousand (8,000) gallons or more or the metric equivalent. Any adjustments to volumes during the temperature compensation process shall be made in accordance with the standards set by the American society of testing materials.
(3)  The department of agriculture may purchase and use measuring devices for monitoring bulk deliveries.
(4)  Any retail outlet offering self-dispensed motor fuels only shall, upon request of the disabled driver, provide assistance in delivering fuel into the tank of a vehicle displaying an accessible parking license or card, but this requirement shall not apply when such vehicle carries an able-bodied adult or if only one (1) attendant is on duty at the retail outlet. Disabled individuals receiving this refueling service at a self-service pump shall not be charged more than the self-service price for the fuel. Notice of the availability of this service shall be posted pursuant to the provisions of subsection (5)(b) of this section. A violation of the provisions of this subsection shall be an infraction.
(5)  Any retail outlet offering both attendant-dispensed motor fuels and self-dispensed motor fuels will, during those hours that attendant-dispensed motor fuels are available, provide attendant-dispensed motor fuels at the same price as for self-dispensed motor fuels when such fuel is delivered at the self-service pump into the fuel tank of a vehicle displaying an accessible parking license or card, but this requirement shall not apply when such vehicle carries an able-bodied adult.
(a)  Notification of the provisions of subsections (4) and (5) of this section shall be provided, by the Idaho transportation department, to all operators of facilities offering gasoline or other motor vehicle fuels for sale, and to every person who is issued an accessible parking plate or a disabled veterans registration plate, or other authorized designation.
(b)  The following notice shall be provided by the Idaho transportation department and posted in a manner and location which is visible to any driver seeking refueling service. The notice shall be a placard in substantially the following format, printed in black except that the international accessible symbol shall be printed in blue.

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Idaho Code Section 71-241

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