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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


72-1014.  Evidence of condition. (1) The commission may require the claimant to supplement the application with any reasonably available medical reports or other documents relating to the injury or condition for which compensation is claimed. Failure to provide the requested supporting documents or reports may result in the denial of the claimant’s application for compensation or claim for payment. Health care providers are authorized to submit directly to the commission, pursuant to the claimant’s original release as provided in the application for compensation, any information that is required to support a claimant’s application or that is necessary to process a claim for payment.
(2)  If the physical or mental condition of a victim or claimant is material to a claim, the commission may order the victim or claimant to submit from time to time to an examination by a physician or other licensed health professional or may order an autopsy of a deceased victim. The commission shall pay for such examination or autopsy. The order shall specify the time, place, manner, conditions, and scope of the examination or autopsy and the person by whom it is to be made and shall require the person to file with the commission a detailed written report of the examination or autopsy. The report shall set out his findings, including results of all tests made, diagnoses, prognoses, and other conclusions and reports of earlier examinations of the same conditions. On request of the person examined, the commission shall furnish a copy of the report to him. If the victim is deceased, the commission, on request, shall furnish a copy of the report to the claimant.

[72-1014, added 1986, ch. 337, sec. 1, p. 829; am. 2002, ch. 136, sec. 5, p. 376.]

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