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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


72-324.  Management of industrial special indemnity fund. There is hereby created in the department of administration the office of manager of the industrial special indemnity fund, elsewhere in this chapter referred to as manager, whose duties shall be to administer the fund without liability on the part of the state or the manager beyond the amount of such fund. Among the powers of the manager shall be the power to evaluate, investigate, adjust claims made against the fund and make agreements, subject to the approval of the industrial commission, for compensation for injuries and occupational diseases in accordance with the provisions of this act, including the power to order payment from the fund for such medical, hospital and nursing care charges as injured persons or those suffering from occupational diseases may be entitled to from the fund.
The compensation of such manager shall be as provided in section 59-508, Idaho Code.
The manager shall be given notice of all applications, hearings and proceedings involving rights of the fund, and shall represent the fund in all proceedings brought to enforce a claim against it. The manager shall have the authority to employ such medical or other experts and to defray the expense thereof and of such witnesses as are reasonably necessary to administer, evaluate or defend the fund. The manager may also employ such employees as are necessary to assist in the administration of the fund. The manager may also employ legal counsel, or obtain legal counsel pursuant to section 72-330, Idaho Code, to represent and conduct on behalf of the fund all suits, actions and proceedings whatsoever involving the fund.
The manager may, in his official name, sue and be sued in all the courts of the state and before the industrial commission in all actions or proceedings arising out of anything done or offered in connection with the industrial special indemnity fund or business related thereto.
The industrial commission shall compute and collect the assessment provided by section 72-327, Idaho Code, and shall make quarterly reports to the fund of the same. The manager of the fund shall, each quarter of each year, prepare and file with the industrial commission and the state treasurer a report of all expenses of administration, legal expenses and payments from the fund, which reports will be kept on file and open to inspection by any interested person.
The director of the department of administration shall appoint the manager from a list of at least three (3) names provided by the industrial commission. The manager shall serve at the pleasure of the director of the department of administration.

[72-324, added 1978, ch. 264, sec. 2, p. 577; am. 1997, ch. 206, sec. 1, p. 620.]

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