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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


73-212.  Delivery of printed sets. Upon approval by the commission of any compilation and proclamation by the governor, the publishing company shall immediately deliver to the secretary of state of Idaho at Boise, Idaho, and such other places in Idaho designated by the secretary of state of Idaho, the number of sets of the compilation which the state of Idaho, through the state board of examiners, has determined to be necessary for its use. The secretary of state shall keep seventy-five (75) sets thereof for insertion in the sets of the Idaho Code reserved for the use of the members and officers of the legislature during times the legislature is in session, and distribute the remainder among such of the boards, institutions, officers and offices as shall be decided upon by the state board of examiners. Any remaining sets shall be kept by the secretary of state for subsequent sessions of the legislature, or be distributed as directed by the state board of examiners. The sets of all compilations, except those bound volumes which have been provided to members of the legislature under the provisions of section 67-909, Idaho Code, shall remain the property of the state of Idaho and be delivered by officers to their successors, and by legislators and legislative officers to the secretary of state, at the end of each session of the legislature so that the same may be used at subsequent sessions.

[73-212, added 1949, ch. 167, sec. 12, p. 355; am. 1957, ch. 136, sec. 1, p. 229; am. 1977, ch. 232, sec. 8, p. 690; am. 1979, ch. 157, sec. 2, p. 477.]

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