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1-612.  Duties of administrative director. The administrative director, acting under the supervision and direction of the supreme court, shall:
(a)  Procure data from time to time and as of the close of each fiscal year with respect to these matters: the business transacted by the various courts of Idaho; the state of their dockets; the needs, if any, for assistance to expedite the handling of judicial business pending in the courts; and such other matters as, in the judgment of the supreme court, bear on the work and the administration of the judicial system of the state.
(b)  Report to the supreme court from time to time concerning the need for assistance in the handling of pending business in any court of Idaho, and recommended means for meeting the need.
(c)  Report to the supreme court and the governor for each  fiscal year, as of the close of the year, concerning the data procured as provided in subsection(a) of this section and as to the work of the administrative director’s office, one (1) copy of each report to be made public by filing with the clerk of the supreme court, one (1) to be furnished to the board of commissioners of the Idaho state bar, and one (1) to the legislative counsel; and report to the supreme court on these data at such other times as may be requested by the chief justice.
(d)  Examine the administrative and business methods and systems employed in the offices of the judges, clerks and other officers of the courts related to and serving the courts, and make recommendations to the supreme court for improvement.
(e)  Formulate and submit to the supreme court recommendations for the improvement of the judicial system.

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