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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


1-907.  Administrative judge — Administrative powers and duties. The administrative judge or acting administrative judge in each judicial district, subject to the rules of the supreme court, shall have administrative supervision and authority over the operation of the district courts and magistrates in the district. These powers and duties include, but are not limited to, the following:
(a)  Arranging schedules and assigning district judges for sessions of district courts;
(b)  Arranging or supervising the calendaring of matters for trial or hearing;
(c)  Supervising the clerks of the district courts in the discharge of the clerical functions of the district courts;
(d)  Assigning matters to magistrates, and prescribing times and places at which magistrates shall be available for the performance of their duties;
(e)  Making arrangements with proper authorities for the drawing of civil jury panels and determining which sessions of the district court shall be jury sessions;
(f)  Arranging for the reporting of civil cases by court reporters or other authorized means;
(g)  Arranging sessions, to the extent practicable, for the trial of specialized cases, including traffic, domestic relations, and other types of cases, and assigning district judges to preside over these sessions so as to permit maximum practicable specialization by individual judges;
(h)  Assigning magistrates to temporary duty outside the county of their residence, but within the district;
(i)  Acting as chairman of the district magistrates commission of the district;
(j)  Assigning to other district judges in the district various powers and duties as in this act provided; and
(k)  Appointing personnel when needed to attend to the courts, and assigning duties to these court attendants for the purpose of maintaining the security and efficiency of court facilities.

[1-907, added 1969, ch. 102, sec. 1, p. 347; am. 1974, ch. 26, sec. 2, p. 804; am. 1988, ch. 229, sec. 1, p. 441; am. 2017, ch. 173, sec. 1, p. 400.]

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