Idaho Statutes

16-106.  Duties of coordinating council. (1) The council shall have the following authority, duties and responsibilities, and such other functions as may be assigned by executive order:
(a)  To assist the lead agency and all other appropriate agencies in ensuring the joint development and maintenance of a statewide system of coordinated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, interagency programs providing early intervention services to all infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. Such system shall include the following minimum components:
(i)    a definition of child and family eligibility under this program;
(ii)   a central directory, accessible to the general public;
(iii)  a public awareness program;
(iv)   a child find program consistent with the individuals with disabilities education act which identifies infants and toddlers with disabilities and other risk factors;
(v)    a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation for each referred child;
(vi)   a program of personnel development;
(vii)  standards and certification necessary to assure qualified personnel;
(viii) family education and participation throughout the early intervention system;
(ix)   a statewide data collection system for monitoring and evaluating the early intervention system. The system shall meet federal requirements;
(x)    an individualized family services plan for each eligible child and family who chooses to participate in the program;
(xi)   procedural safeguards that meet the requirements in section 16-110, Idaho Code.
(b)  To assist the lead agency and all other appropriate agencies to ensure:
(i)   adoption of uniform or compatible administrative rules dealing with early intervention services;
(ii)  reasonable transition between and among the participating agencies;
(iii) available funds under the provisions of this chapter are shared by the participating agencies in a manner that enables the optimum provision of necessary services for the child and the family;
(iv)  uniformity of program and health and safety standards; and
(v)   program policies dealing with infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families reflect the policy priorities of the council.
(c)  To participate with the lead agency in the implementation of time lines for a statewide, comprehensive, coordinated, interagency system of early intervention services;
(d)  To prepare and submit periodic reports no less than annually to the governor, legislature and the lead agency on the status of early intervention programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families with recommendations for timely corrective action as needed;
(e)  To develop a public awareness program focusing on early identification of infants and toddlers with disabilities;
(f)  To participate with the lead agency and other appropriate agencies in the development, maintenance, evaluation, and revision of program, health and safety standards;
(g)  To conduct public hearings and community needs assessments for the purpose of developing the state plan and applications for funding.
(2)  No member of the council shall cast a vote on any matter which would provide direct financial benefit to that member or otherwise give the appearance of a conflict of interest.

[16-106, added 1991, ch. 253, sec. 1, p. 624.]

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