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16-2406.  Access to services. Access to services for children with serious emotional disturbance and their families shall be voluntary whenever informed consent can be obtained. Involuntary treatment or commitment to the department’s custody shall not be required as a condition for obtaining, providing, or paying for treatment by the department. The department’s assistance with paying for a child’s treatment and other services under this chapter shall be based upon the rules adopted by the department and by the sliding fee scale developed under section 16-2433, Idaho Code. Department payments to service providers are only made pursuant to a written agreement between the department and the service provider. The agreement must reflect cost-effective services for the child.
(1)  The family and the department may enter into a services agreement if:
(a)  The child meets the department’s eligibility criteria for treatment or services; and
(b)  The child and his parents request mental health services from the department; or
(c)  The family requests full or partial payment for services by the department (other than payment through medical assistance, title XIX of the social security act, as amended); or
(d)  The youth is involuntarily placed by the department under this chapter.
(2)  For purposes of this chapter, a services agreement is a written agreement, binding on the parties, which specifies at a minimum:
(a)  The legal status of the child; and
(b)  The rights and obligations of the parents or guardians, the child and the department while the child is in the out-of-home placement.
(3)  When a child is placed out of his home pursuant to a services agreement or a one hundred twenty (120) day involuntary treatment order by the court, the department shall have the responsibility for the child’s placement and care. The financial obligation of the family will be determined after consideration of all available payment and funding sources including title XIX of the social security act, as amended, all available third party sources, and parent resources according to any order for child support under chapter 10, title 32, Idaho Code. Services shall not be conditioned on transfer of custody or parental rights.

[16-2406, added 1997, ch. 404, sec. 1, p. 1286; am. 2005, ch. 307, sec. 1, p. 956.]

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