Idaho Statutes

16-2416.  One hundred twenty day involuntary treatment order. (1) Children may be treated involuntarily for a period of up to one hundred twenty (120) days upon a petition filed by the treatment facility or by the parent, guardian, prosecuting attorney or other interested party. The petition shall set forth the facts supporting the allegations and, in the case of petitions filed by a treatment facility, shall describe why the child requires treatment, a detailed description of the symptoms or behaviors of the child that support the allegations in the petition, a list of the names and addresses of any witnesses the petitioner intends to call at the involuntary treatment hearing. The petition shall also contain a statement of the alternatives to court-ordered involuntary treatment that have been considered and the reasons for rejecting the alternatives. The petition shall be filed with the court and copies shall be served upon the person and upon a parent, the next of kin, guardian or custodian and the person’s attorney. The copies of the petition shall be accompanied by a notice advising of the child’s rights concerning the proceeding.
(2)  Upon filing of a petition for involuntary treatment of a child who is not currently under emergency evaluation or voluntary admission, the court shall issue a summons to the child to submit to an examination by two (2) designated examiners. At least one (1) designated examiner shall be a psychiatrist, licensed physician or licensed psychologist. Each designated examiner shall promptly prepare a report on his examination and file it with the court. Copies shall be promptly served upon the child, parent, custodian, guardian and the child’s attorney.

[16-2416, added 1997, ch. 404, sec. 1, p. 1290; am. 2005, ch. 307, sec. 4, p. 957.]

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