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16-2427.  Discharge. (1) The responsible physician shall review periodically whether a child meets the criteria for involuntary treatment, and if he concludes that the person does not meet such criteria, he shall undertake discharge procedures.
(2)  Discharge of any child may be delayed for a reasonable period of time in order to arrange transportation or lodging for the child, or for other good cause to protect the safety or well-being of the child.
(3)  Involuntary treatment after discharge. A child who has been discharged from emergency evaluation, one hundred twenty (120) day involuntary treatment or a subsequent period of involuntary treatment may be subjected to further involuntary treatment only pursuant to the procedures provided in this chapter and upon a showing of new circumstances warranting such involuntary treatment which were not known at the time of discharge.
(4)  Release to outpatient treatment. The responsible physician may, as part of an individual treatment plan for a child who is subject to involuntary treatment, release such child to outpatient treatment upon the condition that, if the child fails to follow through with, or respond acceptably to, such outpatient treatment, he may be returned to inpatient treatment without a court hearing during the effective period of the order, or until he meets the criteria for voluntary treatment or discharge. Within seventy-two (72) hours of his return to the facility, there must be an administrative review to determine if inpatient treatment is necessary. The review hearing must be conducted by the facility director or his designee, a physician, a social worker, psychologist, or nurse. The child and his parent, or guardian shall be given an opportunity to be represented by counsel and to present evidence and testimony.
(5)  Habeas corpus. Nothing in this chapter shall limit other legal rights or remedies concerning discharge which a person may have pursuant to law, rule, regulation or policy, including the right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus.

[16-2427, added 1997, ch. 404, sec. 1, p. 1297.]

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