Idaho Statutes

18-6007.  Theft of car parts — Murder by wrecking. Any person or persons who shall remove, take, steal, change, add to, take from, or in any manner interfere with any journal bearings or brasses, or any parts or attachments of any locomotive, tender or car, or any fixture or attachment belonging thereto, connected with, or used in operating any locomotive, tender or car, owned, leased or used by any railway or transportation company in this state, is guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be subject to punishment by imprisonment in the penitentiary not less than one (1) nor more than fourteen (14) years, or by a fine of up to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court: provided, that if the removal of such journal bearings or brasses, fixtures or attachments, as aforesaid, shall be the cause of wrecking any train, locomotive or other car in this state, whereby the life or lives of any person or persons shall be lost as the result of the felonious or malicious stealing, interfering with or removal of the fixtures, as aforesaid, the person or persons found guilty thereof shall be liable for murder as in other cases.

[18-6007, added 1972, ch. 336, sec. 1, p. 959; am. 1994, ch. 263, sec. 3, p. 812.]

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