Idaho Statutes

19-3007A.  Service of subpoena by mail or messenger. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 19-3007, Idaho Code, a subpoena may be delivered by mail or messenger. Service shall be effected when the witness acknowledges receipt of the subpoena to the sender by telephone, by mail, or in person, and identifies himself or herself by reference to his date of birth and his driver’s license number or social security number. The sender shall make a written notation of the identifying information obtained during any acknowledgement by telephone or in person. A subpoena issued and acknowledged pursuant to this section shall have the same force and effect as a subpoena personally served. Failure to comply with a subpoena issued and acknowledged pursuant to this section may be punished as a contempt, and the subpoena may so state; provided, that a warrant of arrest or a body attachment may not be issued based upon a failure to appear after being subpoenaed pursuant to this section.
(2)  A party requesting a continuance based upon the failure of a witness to appear in court at the time and place required for his appearance or testimony pursuant to a subpoena shall prove to the court that the party has complied with the provisions of this section. Such a continuance shall only be granted for a period of time which would allow personal service of the subpoena and a reasonable time for the witness to appear before the court.

[19-3007A, added 1989, ch. 267, sec. 2, p. 653.]

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