Idaho Statutes

19-4528.  Costs and expenses. When the governor of this state, in the exercise of the authority conferred by section 2 of article 4 of the Constitution of the United States, or by the laws of this state, demands from the executive authority of any state or territory of the United States, or of any foreign government, the surrender to the authorities of this state of a fugitive from justice, who has been found and arrested in such state, territory, or foreign government, the accounts of the person employed by him to bring back such fugitive must be audited by the board of examiners and paid out of the state treasury, provided that in any case where a person against whom criminal proceedings are pending in any court of this state is to be brought into this state for such proceedings, whether with or without any demand or proceedings by the governor of this state and there is no appropriation of state funds available for the purpose at the time, reasonable compensation for the services of any person employed to bring the defendant in such criminal proceedings to this state and his expenses and the expenses on the account of the said defendant may be allowed and paid at the discretion of the board of county commissioners of the county where such criminal proceedings are pending from the general fund of said county, but no compensation for services as distinguished from expenses other than the regular salary shall be allowed any sheriff or deputy sheriff from either state or county funds.

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