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19-853.  Duty to notify accused or detained of right to counsel. (1) If a person who is being detained by a law enforcement officer, or who is confined or who is the subject of hospitalization proceedings pursuant to section 66-322, 66-326, 66-329, 66-404 or 66-406, Idaho Code, or who is under formal charge of having committed, or is being detained under a conviction of, a serious crime, is not represented by an attorney under conditions in which a person having his own counsel would be entitled to be so represented, the law enforcement officers concerned, upon commencement of detention, or the court, upon formal charge or hearing, as the case may be, shall:
(a)  Clearly inform him of his right to counsel and of the right of an indigent person to be represented by an attorney at public expense; and
(b)  If the person detained or charged does not have an attorney, notify the indigent defense provider or trial court concerned, as the case may be, that he is not so represented. As used in this subsection, the term "commencement of detention" includes the taking into custody of a probationer.
(2)  Upon commencement of any later judicial proceeding relating to the same matter including, but not limited to, preliminary hearing, arraignment, trial, any post-conviction proceeding or post-commitment proceeding, the presiding officer shall clearly inform the person so detained or charged of his right to counsel and of the right of an indigent person to be represented by an attorney at public expense. Provided, the appointment of an attorney at public expense in uniform post-conviction procedure act proceedings shall be in accordance with section 19-4904, Idaho Code.
(3)  If a court determines that the person is entitled to be represented by an attorney at public expense, it shall promptly notify the indigent defense provider.
(4)  Upon notification by the court, the indigent defense provider shall represent the person with respect to whom the notification is made.

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