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20-412.   training stipend — Amount — Crediting trainees’ inmate accounts — Civil rights — trainees not employees. (1) Each trainee engaged in an Idaho correctional industries training program authorized by this chapter may receive for his participation such training stipend as the board shall determine, to be paid out of any funds available in the correctional industries betterment account. Such training stipend, if any, shall be in accordance with a graduated schedule based on knowledge, ability, and skills required for its performance. The training stipend shall be credited to a trainee’s inmate account pursuant to section 20-209H, Idaho Code, and as otherwise authorized by law or by rule adopted by the board, and paid from the correctional industries betterment account.
(2)  Nothing in this section or in this chapter is intended to restore, in whole or in part, the civil rights of any trainee. No trainee who receives a training stipend under this chapter shall be considered to be an employee of or employed by the state, the board of correction, or any private agricultural employer that is a party to a contract with Idaho correctional industries pursuant to section 20-413A, Idaho Code. No trainee engaged in an Idaho correctional industries training program as authorized by this chapter shall be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits or unemployment compensation under this chapter or chapter 13, title 72, Idaho Code, whether on behalf of himself or any other person, except as may be required for training programs certified by the prison industry enhancement certification program.

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