Idaho Statutes

22-1103.  Administration and enforcement — Rules — Annual list distribution. (1) The administration and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter shall be under the director. The director is authorized, in conformance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, to promulgate rules concerning, but not limited to:
(a)  Standards for agricultural crops and livestock produced for sale as organically grown food products.
(b)  Records required of organically grown food products producers.
(c)  The number of on-site inspections, announced and unannounced.
(d)  Chemical residue analysis of organically grown food products and fees for conducting such analysis.
(e)  Certification of private laboratories to conduct chemical residue analyses.
(f)  Standards that a producer must meet to be recognized as a producer under the provisions of this chapter.
(g)  Development and distribution of the organic certification seal and standards for its application for use on Idaho organically grown food products.
(h)  Development and implementation of labeling standards.
(i)  Rules establishing organic standards for poultry and poultry products, livestock and livestock products, milk and dairy products or aquaculture products, which will be promulgated in consultation with the appropriate agricultural or commodity organizations as determined by the director. No pending or temporary rule adopted by the department shall become final and effective before the conclusion of the regular or special legislative session at which the rule was submitted for review pursuant to sections 67-5224 and 67-5291, Idaho Code.
(j)  Standards for health care and medical treatment for livestock qualifying as organically grown food products and for the prevention and control of infections or communicable diseases among such livestock.
(k)  Standards for prohibitions against denial of health care for or medical treatment of livestock in order to obtain or retain organic certification.
(2)  An annual list of all certified organic producers, handlers and vendors shall be distributed to state regulatory authorities, and to other persons upon request.

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