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22-2502.  Definitions. The following terms shall be construed respectively when used in this chapter to mean:
(1)  "Apiary" means any place where one (1) or more colonies of bees are kept, or one (1) or more hives containing honey combs or bee combs are kept.
(2)  "Bee diseases" means a condition of a colony of bees wherein sufficient numbers of individual bees or the colony as a whole are afflicted by or infested with bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic, or other organisms to the extent that the well-being of the colony is affected. Specific diseases shall be determined by rule.
(3)  "Bees" means any stage of common honey bee, Apis mellifera L.
(4)  "Colony" means the hive and bees therein with or without extra supers.
(5)  "Comb" means and includes all materials which are normally deposited into hives by bees. It does not include extracted honey or royal jelly, trapped pollen and processed beeswax.
(6)  "Commercial beekeeper" means a person engaged in the management of honey bees for their products and for pollination services.
(7)  "Director" means the director of the Idaho department of agriculture or his designated agent.
(8)  "Equipment" means hives, supers, frames, veils, gloves or any apparatus, tools, machines or other devices used in the handling and manipulation of bees, wax and hives, and shall also include any containers for honey and wax which may be used in any apiary or in transporting bees and their products and apiary supplies.
(9)  "Exotic strain of bees" means African or Africanized bees (Apis mellifera scutellata) or any other developed strain of bees known to be harmful, but not known to be present ordinarily in this state.
(10) "Hive" means frame, hive, box, barrel, log gum, skep, or any other receptacle or container, natural or artificial, or any part thereof, which may be used as a domicile for bees.
(11) "Hobbyist beekeeper" means a person engaged in the management of honey bees for pleasure and whose stock does not exceed fifty (50) colonies.
(12) "Persons" means individuals, associations, partnerships and corporations.
(13) "Queen apiary" means any apiary or premises in which queen bees are reared or kept for sale or gift.

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