Idaho Statutes

22-2510.  Registration — Assessment — Collection — Proceeds. (1) There is hereby levied upon each beekeeper maintaining colonies within the state of Idaho, or desiring to move bees into the state, an annual registration fee of ten dollars ($10.00) for up to fifty (50) colonies. Each additional colony in excess of the first fifty (50) colonies shall be assessed at the rate of ten cents (10¢) per colony. Hobbyist beekeepers are exempt from registration under this section.
(2)  The registration fee assessed for colonies in excess of fifty (50) colonies may be increased to not more than twenty cents (20¢) per hive or colony per year, if approved by a majority of the beekeepers voting in a referendum held for the purpose of determining whether such levy of the registration fee shall or shall not be changed. If the levy of the registration fee is changed, the levy of the registration fee will continue annually at the changed rate until again changed by another referendum. Any resident of Idaho who is registered under this chapter as an Idaho beekeeper with the Idaho department of agriculture may vote at such referendum. Any referendum to be held for the purpose of changing the levy of such registration fee shall be held at the annual meeting of the Idaho honey industry association or any successor organization to this group.
(3)  Said registration fee shall be a lien upon all apicultural products, equipment, bees and property of the person owning or controlling such bees and shall be prior to all other liens or encumbrances except liens which are declared prior by operation of the statutes of this state.
(4)  Hives brought into the state for indoor winter storage prior to moving to another state for pollination or honey production are exempt from paying fees as provided for in this section. Provided however, registration shall be required and a minimum of the following information shall be supplied: location of the storage, approximate dates the hive or hives will be brought into and leave the state, name, address and telephone number of the owner of the bees, and name, address and telephone number of an in-state contact who will have knowledge of the hive or hives being stored in the state.

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