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22-2917.  Powers and duties of commission. The powers and duties of the commission shall include the following:
1.  To adopt and from time to time alter, rescind, modify and/or amend all proper and necessary rules, regulations and orders for the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties under this act.
2.  To employ and at its pleasure discharge an advertising manager, agents, advertising agencies and such other help as it deems necessary and to outline their powers and duties and fix their compensation.
3.  To make in the name of the commission such advertising contracts and other agreements as may be necessary.
4.  To keep books, records and accounts of all its doings, which books, records and accounts shall be open to inspection by the state controller at all times.
5.  To purchase or authorize the purchase of all office equipment and supplies and to incur all other reasonable and necessary expenses and obligations in connection with and required for properly carrying out the provisions of this act.
6.  To define and describe such grade or grades of beans as may be advertised in accordance with the provisions of this act.
7.  Whenever and wherever it deems it necessary the commission shall use its offices to prevent any substitution of other beans for Idaho beans and to prevent the misrepresentation or misbranding of Idaho beans at any and all times at any and all points where it discovers the same is being done.
8.  To cooperate with the United States department of agriculture and other growers or shippers organizations on a national basis to improve the total consumption of dry beans.
9.  To make, conduct or carry on studies and research in connection with the raising and production of "dry edible beans for human consumption" and of "snap bean seed" and for conducting necessary measures for the control of insects known to be detrimental to the production of such beans, bean seed, and their by-products; to disseminate information with respect to such study and research as a part of the commission’s publicity and sales promotion activities authorized by this act and to assist, aid and educate growers, dealers and handlers in the raising, production, marketing, and processing of beans and bean seed.
For the accomplishment of such ends with reference to snap bean seed a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the tax collected shall be placed in a reserve fund to be used for these purposes as required.
The above twenty percent (20%) figure is the amount of tax which is the average accrued from snap bean seed production.
For the accomplishment of such ends the commission is hereby empowered to employ the necessary persons or contract for the performance of required services; to cooperate with any organization of growers in this state, whether organized by authority of law or voluntarily, engaged in carrying on similar activities, and to participate jointly with any such organization, by contract or otherwise, in financing such study and research or paying for the employment of persons or services required or in carrying out projects and programs as herein contemplated.

[22-2917, added 1957, ch. 94, sec. 7, p. 158; am. 1994, ch. 180, sec. 21, p. 435.]

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