Idaho Statutes

22-2918.  Advertising, publicity and sales promotion. The commission shall plan and carry out marketing research, and conduct a continuous campaign for commodity advertising, publicity and sales promotion to increase the consumption of beans and may contract for any advertising, publicity and sales promotion service. To accomplish such purpose the commission shall have power and it shall be the duty of the commission to disseminate information relating to:
(a)  Beans and the importance thereof in preserving the public health, the economy thereof in the diet of the people and the importance therein in the nutrition of children;
(b)  The manner, method and means used and employed in the production, transportation, marketing and grading of beans, and laws of the state regulating and safeguarding such production, transportation, marketing and grading;
(c)  The added cost to the producer and dealer in producing and handling beans to meet the high standards imposed by the state to insure a pure and wholesome product;
(d)  The reasons why producers and dealers should receive a reasonable return on their labor and investment;
(e)  The problem of furnishing the consumer at all times with an abundant supply of fine quality beans at reasonable prices;
(f)  Factors of instability peculiar to the vegetable industry in general, and the bean industry in particular, such as unbalanced production, effect of the weather, influence of consumer purchasing power and price relative to the cost of other items of food in the normal diet of people, all to the end that an intelligent and increasing consumer demand may be created.[;]
(g)  The possibilities of increased consumption of Idaho beans;
(h)  Such other, further and additional information as shall tend to promote increased consumption of Idaho beans, and as may foster a better understanding and more efficient cooperation between producers, dealers and the consuming public;
(i)  Branding, labeling, stenciling, sealing or packaging to promote and use in all ways, to advertise Idaho beans, and to protect their identity as far as possible to the final consumer.

[22-2918, added 1957, ch. 94, sec. 8, p. 158.]

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