Idaho Statutes

22-4205.   nominations for grower members of commission — qualifications. (1) For the purpose of nominating grower members of the commission, at a meeting of the Idaho alfalfa and clover seed growers association, the board of directors shall review the names of active growers in Idaho that meet the qualifications as provided in this section. By June 1 of each year, the names of two (2) grower members nominated by the association for each vacancy occurring on the commission shall be submitted to the governor for his consideration. Each member nominated for the commission shall be a resident citizen of the state of Idaho for a period of four (4) years prior to his election or selection, shall have active experience in growing alfalfa seed or clover seed and shall be now actually engaged in growing alfalfa seed or clover seed in Idaho and shall derive a substantial portion of his income from growing alfalfa seed or clover seed or be the directing or managing head of a corporation, firm, partnership, or other business unit which derives a substantial portion of its income from growing alfalfa seed or clover seed. To continue holding office, each member must remain qualified. The governor may remove any member who becomes disqualified during his term of office or who is unable to carry out his duties. The term of office of each member of the commission shall terminate on the last day of June of the year in which the term for which the member was elected ends, but each member of the commission shall serve until his respective successor is elected and has qualified. From such list of nominees, the governor shall designate and appoint one (1) as a member of the commission.
(2)  A general meeting of the Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association shall nominate two (2) dealers, one (1) of whom shall be appointed as provided for in this act by June 30 of each year, and one (1) of whom shall be designated as alternate.

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