Idaho Statutes

22-4710.  Duties and powers of the commission. (1) The commission shall establish the policies to be followed in the accomplishment of and consistent with the general purposes of this chapter.
(2)  In the administration of this chapter, the commission shall have the following duties, authorities and powers:
(a)  To conduct a campaign of research, education and publicity.
(b)  To find new markets for oilseed and oilseed products.
(c)  To give, publicize and promulgate reliable information showing the value of oilseed and oilseed products for any purpose for which they are found useful and profitable.
(d)  To make public and encourage the widespread national and international use of the special kinds of oilseed and oilseed products produced from all varieties of oilseed grown in Idaho.
(e)  To investigate and participate in studies of the problems peculiar to the growers of oilseed in Idaho.
(3)  The commission shall have the duty, power and authority:
(a)  To take action as the commission deems necessary or advisable to stabilize and protect the oilseed industry of the state and the health and welfare of the public.
(b)  To sue and be sued.
(c)  To enter into contracts as may be necessary or advisable.
(d)  To appoint and employ officers, agents and other personnel, including experts in agriculture and the publicizing of agricultural products, and to prescribe their duties and fix their compensation.
(e)  To advertise as the commission deems advisable and to enter into contracts and agreements for research and advertising within and without the state.
(f)  To cooperate with any local, state, or national organization or agency, whether voluntary or created by the law of any state or by federal law, engaged in work or activities similar to the work and activities of the commission, and to enter into contracts and agreements with those organizations or agencies for carrying on joint campaigns of research, education, publicity and reciprocal enforcement.
(g)  To lease, purchase or own the real or personal property deemed necessary in the administration of this chapter.
(h)  To prosecute in the name of the state of Idaho any suit or action for collection of the tax or assessment provided for in this chapter.
(i)  To adopt, rescind, modify and amend all necessary and proper orders, resolutions and rules for the procedures and exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties.
(j)  To incur indebtedness and carry on all business activities.
(k)  To keep books and records and accounts of all its doings, which books, records and accounts shall be open to inspection by the state controller at all times.
(l)  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, information obtained from books, records, and accounts required to be maintained by this chapter and pertaining to individual production records of oilseed growers shall be kept confidential, and shall not be disclosed to the public by any person.

[22-4710, added 1996, ch. 216, sec. 1, p. 706; am. 2007, ch. 60, sec. 8, p. 145.]

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