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22-4717.  Assessment refunds — Escrow account. (1) During the period beginning on July 1, 1996, and ending on the date on which a referendum is conducted pursuant to section 22-4718, Idaho Code, the commission shall establish an escrow account to be used for refunds of assessments collected pursuant to section 22-4716, Idaho Code, and shall place an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the total amounts collected in the escrow account. At the conclusion of each fiscal year, any balance in the escrow account after paying refund claims shall be transferred to one (1) or more of the accounts established by the commission pursuant to section 22-4720, Idaho Code.
(2)  The commission shall refund to a seller the assessments paid by or on behalf of the seller if the seller is required to pay the assessments, the seller does not support the program established under this act, and the seller demands the refund prior to the time prescribed by the commission in rules of the commission.
(3)  The refund demand shall be made in accordance with rules, in the form, and within the time period prescribed by the commission.
(4)  The refund shall be made on submission of proof satisfactory to the commission that the seller paid the assessments described in section 22-4716, Idaho Code, and for which the refund is demanded.
(5)  If the amount in the escrow account is not sufficient to refund the total amount of assessments demanded by eligible sellers and the commission is not approved to continue pursuant to the referendum conducted pursuant to this act, the commission shall prorate the amount of the refunds among all eligible sellers who demand a refund.
(6)  If the operation of the commission is approved in the referendum conducted pursuant to this act, all funds remaining in the escrow account shall be returned to the commission for its use in accordance with this act.

[22-4717, added 1996, ch. 216, sec. 1, p. 709; am. 1998, ch. 241, sec. 1, p. 800.]

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