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23-1103.  Prohibited acts. The following are prohibited under the provisions of this chapter:
(1)  A distributor shall not:
(a)  Transfer the distributor’s business without giving the supplier written notice of the proposed transfer of the business as required under the provisions of this chapter.
(b)  Transfer the distributor’s business without receiving the supplier’s written approval for the proposed transfer, where required by an agreement and consistent with the provisions of this chapter.
(c)  Distribute, sell or deliver beer to a retailer whose premises are situated outside the geographic territory agreed upon by the distributor and the supplier, as the area in which the distributor will sell beer purchased from the supplier, without the consent of the supplier and the distributor who has been assigned such territory by the supplier.
(2)  A supplier shall not, directly or indirectly, or through an affiliate or subsidiary:
(a)  Require any distributor to do any illegal act or to violate any law or regulation either by threatening to amend, modify, cancel, terminate, or refuse to renew any agreement existing between the supplier and the distributor, or by any other means.
(b)  Require any distributor to accept delivery of any beer or other commodity which has not been ordered by the distributor or, if ordered, has been canceled by the distributor in accordance with reasonable cancellation procedures of the supplier. Provided however, a supplier may impose reasonable inventory requirements upon a distributor if the requirements are made in good faith and are generally applied to other distributors in Idaho and similarly situated distributors in adjoining states having an agreement with the supplier.
(c)  Withhold delivery of beer ordered by a distributor or change a distributor’s allocation of a brand or brands by the supplier if the withholding or change is not made in good faith.
(d)  Engage in any conduct that requires a distributor to fix or maintain the resale prices at which the distributor sells products received from the supplier.
(e)  Require a distributor to purchase one (1) or more brands of beer or other products in order for the distributor to purchase another brand or brands of beer. Provided however, that if a distributor has agreed to distribute a brand or brands of beer before the effective date of this chapter, the distributor shall continue to distribute the brand or brands of beer in conformance with the provisions of this chapter.
(f)  Require a distributor to assent to any unreasonable requirement, condition, understanding or term of an agreement which limits the distributor’s right to sell a brand or brands of beer or other products of any other supplier.
(g)  Require a distributor to submit financial reports or other specific financial or sales information regarding products sold by the distributor, other than those of the supplier, as a condition of renewal or continuation of an agreement.
(h)  Require a distributor to terminate the designation of an individual as a manager or successor manager of a distributor, or refuse to approve the designation of an individual as manager or successor manager, unless the manager or successor manager fails to meet reasonable standards or qualifications for such position which standards or qualifications are nondiscriminatory and are applied uniformly to all distributors similarly situated. In any legal action, or other dispute resolution proceedings, challenging such termination or designation, the distributor shall have the burden of proving that the termination of the manager or successor manager was required by the supplier or that the supplier refused to approve the designation of an individual as manager or successor manager. Upon the distributor making such prima facie showing, the supplier shall have the burden of proving that such person fails to meet nondiscriminatory and reasonable standards and qualifications.
(i)  Take any retaliatory action against a distributor who, with just cause, files a complaint with any regulatory body or in any court of law regarding an alleged violation of federal, state or local law or of any administrative rule by the supplier.

[23-1103, added 1993, ch. 312, sec. 1, p. 1150.]

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