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23-1110.  Compensation to distributor upon termination, cancellation or nonrenewal of agreement. (1) In the event that an agreement is terminated, canceled or not renewed by a supplier, the distributor shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for the laid-in cost to the distributor of the inventory of the supplier’s products, including any taxes paid on the inventory by the distributor, together with a reasonable charge for handling of the products.
(2)  In the event that an agreement is terminated, canceled or not renewed by a supplier in bad faith or for other than good cause, the distributor shall be entitled to additional compensation from the supplier for:
(a)  The fair market value of any and all assets, including ancillary businesses, relating to the transporting, storing or marketing of supplier’s products; and
(b)  The good will of the business.
(3)  The total compensation to be paid by the supplier shall be reduced by any sum received by the distributor from sale of assets of the business used in the distribution of the supplier’s products as well as by whatever value such assets may have to the distributor that are unrelated to the supplier’s products.
(4)  As used in subsection (2)(a) of this section, fair market value means the highest dollar amount at which a seller would be willing to sell and a buyer would be willing to buy when each possesses all information relevant to the transaction.

[23-1110, added 1993, ch. 312, sec. 1, p. 1156.]

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