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23-615.  Restrictions on sale. No person licensed pursuant to title 23, Idaho Code, or his or its employed agents, servants or bartenders shall sell, deliver or give away, or cause or permit to be sold, delivered, or given away, or allowed to be consumed, any alcohol beverage, including any distilled spirits, beer or wine, to:
(1)  Any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years, proof of which shall be a validly issued state, district, territorial, possession, provincial, national or other equivalent government driver’s license, identification card or military identification card bearing a photograph and date of birth, or a valid passport.
(2)  Any person actually, apparently or obviously intoxicated.
(3)  An habitual drunkard.
(4)  An interdicted person.
Any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years, or other person, who knowingly misrepresents his or her qualifications for the purpose of entering licensed premises or for obtaining alcohol beverages from such licensee shall be equally guilty with such licensee and shall, upon conviction thereof, be guilty of a misdemeanor.

[23-615, added 1999, ch. 59, sec. 8, p. 154.]

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